Institute Scholarships for Newly Admitted Students in the Integrated First Degree Programmes

I. The award of scholarships will be decided at the end of First Semester and will be based on the
performance of students in the First Semester.

II. The types of scholarships are as follows:
(i)  Merit Scholarships: These will cover 80% reimbursement of semester fees for 1% students and 40%
of semester fees for 2% students.
 (ii) Merit-cum-Need Scholarships: These will cover 80% reimbursement of semester fees for 3%
students; 40% of semester fees for 6% students and 25% of semester fees for 12% students.

III. There is no waiver of admission fee.

IV No application is necessary for Merit Scholarships.

V. Procedure for applying for Merit-cum-Need Scholarships for First Semester
(i) The application should be submitted on-line
(ii) Income certificate(s) of parent(s)/guardian must be submitted before the deadline, along with the
details of the applicant on the cover sheet available at SWD office Window No.1. The certificate
should clearly indicate the gross income.  Income certificates of both parents, if both are employed,
should be submitted.
Types of certificates that are accepted :
 a)If parent(s)/guardian are salaried persons, salary slip or salary certificate from the employer
 Copy of Form 16, clearly showing
the gross income can also be submitted.
b)  All others should submit an income certificate from Tahsildar / Mandal Revenue Officer or an
affidavit on stamped paper countersigned by a First Class Magistrate/Notary indicating gross income
c)Pensioners should submit a statement from bank/post office from where pension is drawn.

VI. The eligibility criteria for award of scholarships are as follows:
(i) For Merit-cum-Need Scholarships, the gross annual income of parent(s)/guardian from all sources
should be less than the maximum prescribed by the Scholarships Committee.  Prescribed maximum
limit for the previous academic year was Rs. 5,00,000/- p.a.
(ii) The scholarships are awarded to students based on CGPA.  However, SGPA for the previous
semester may also be taken into consideration while deciding about the scholarships.
(iii) No NC report in the first semester.
(iv) No case of indiscipline.
(v) If a student brings scholarship from any outside agency, the assistance would be limited to the
difference between the two values of financial assistance.

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